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The following components are manufactured by Samcorp Arms Mfg.

adhering to strict quality control guidelines.

  • 100% Machined 7075 Billet Aluminum Multi Calliber Receiver features flared and chamfered magazine well, enhanced integrated trigger guard, increased wall thickness
  • 100% Machined 7075 Billet Aluminum Upper features a flat top tactical rail design, integrated brass deflector, increased wall thickness
  • Extruded and Machined 6061 Aluminum Handguard features a flat top tactical rail design, ergonomic grip and key-mod underside for easy accessory mount.
  • 4130 Hardened Steel Barrel Nut
  • Chromoly or Stainless Steel Compensator/Flash Hider with top tuned ports to reduce muzzle rise and solid bottom avoids dust print
  • M-16 Bolt Carrier Assembly features 8620 Heat Treated Chrome Lined Bolt Carrier that is hard turned, shot peened and phosphate finished
  • 158 Carpenter Steel Bolt

    We include the following Military Spec components from top quality,

    established US Manufacturers.

  • .223 Stainless Steel “Wylde” Chambered Barrel (See note A), OR 5.56 NATO. 16″ Double Fluted, Medium Contour. 1-8 Rifling, ½ x 28 Threaded. Pistol Model Barrel Spec is 10″ 5.56 NATO. Other callibers available upon request
  • Low Profile Gas Block, 4140 Heat Treated Chromoly Steel or lightweight billet aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Gas Tube- Rifle, Mid, Carbine, or Pistol Length
  • Cerakote or Duracoat coated for improved performance and reliability. These state-of-the-art finishes outperform other conventional finishes in abrasion/wear resistance, impact strength and hardness. They are also resistant to salt water, chemicals, scratches, chipping, etc.
  • Mission First Tactical Battlelink Utility Stock with 6 position Mil Spec Buffer Tube is standard
  • Ergo F93 PRO Stock 8 position buttstock and Ergo Tactical Deluxe Grip on Law Enforcement Model
  • Phase 5 Pistol Buffer Assembly is standard on pistol model
  • Standard Tactical Grip features overmolded suregrip material with heavy texture and ambidextrous palm swell
  • Includes one 30 round magazine, and protective hard plastic case with rifle
  • ** Other components and parts such as trigger assembly, charging handle, forward assist, and ancillary lower parts such as springs and pins are made to US Military Standard (Mil Spec)
  • ** Upgraded trigger assembly, optics and custom finishes available at additional cost
  • ** For optimum rifle performance and accuracy we recommend a 55 to 65 grain bullet
  • ** Samcorp Arms Mfg. offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please see firearm documentation for details
Calibers Available: .223, 5.56, 7.62×39, .300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel

Standard Colors: Black – Flat/Matte or Light Sheen, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Foliage Green, Civil Defense Blue, Cold War Gray, Crushed Silver, Stone Gray.

See CeraKoat Color Chart for Special Order Colors.

Custom Airbrushing, Hydro-Dip Patterns, and Spectra Chrome Finishes available.

The Wylde Chamber Explained

The .223 Wylde is a proprietary rifle cartridge chamber with the external dimensions and lead angle as found in the military 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge and the 0.2240 inch freebore diameter as found in the civilian SAAMI .223 Remington cartridge. Rifles with a .223 Wylde chamber will typically accept both .223 Remington and externally slightly larger 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition. The .223 Wylde hybrid chamber was designed by Bill Wylde of Greenup, IL to exploit the accuracy advantages of the .223 Remington chambering without pressure problems or compromising the functional reliability of (semi) automatic weapons like the AR-15 family when using 5.56×45mm NATO military ammunition. Coincidentally, it shoots the relatively long and heavy 80-grain (5.18 g) bullets commonly used in the sport of Highpower Rifle Competition very well and is one of the preferred chambers for that use. The Wylde chamber is used by a few rifle manufacturers who sell “National Match” configuration AR-15 rifles, barrels, and upper receivers.

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